Nigeria Singer, Blessing Tangban shares the story of how she rescued an accident victim despite being rejected by two federal hospitals.

The singer took to her twitter account to narrate the story;
  she said ;
        ' I was upset because everyone was standing & watching us, this man was bleeding the whole time & I legit thought he'll die anytime soon, so after arguing uselessly, we took him to national hospital where he is being attended to. I just got to my house now, it's 2:33am.
I'm tweeting this for few reasons..when you see a disaster, take action, dont just stand & watch..Nigerians are great at being bystanders & they were a lot of them tonight. Secondly, our medical system has cost so many families their loved ones. How can a hospital not have drip?
How can a hospital close down its emergency center without providing alternatives? How many people have died due to "we dont have drip, we dont have bed space, doctor is not around..." or all the other excuses these hospitals give everyday? Are we saying that only 1 hospital in
he FCT is equipped to Hndle medical care of any kind? Common! What if this guy had died in our hands tonight? It would certainly not be because we didn't take him to the hospital, itll be that the hospitals weren't prepared to do their jobs. Is this our reality?''

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